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Seven Ways To Support Healthy Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Pregnant or planning a pregnancy? It’s time to think about your blood pressure, even if you’ve never had high blood pressure. About half of pregnancy complications, such as having a preterm baby, are related to high blood pressure. Pregnancy complications also increase your risk of heart disease later in life. But many pregnancy complications can […]

Covid Still Kills, but the Demographics of Its Victims Are Shifting

By Phillip Reese  SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 As California settles into a third year of pandemic, covid-19 continues to pose a serious threat of death. But the number of people dying — and the demographics of those falling victim — has shifted notably from the first two years. Given the collective immunity people have garnered through a combination […]

Weight Management with Diabetes – A Guide to Weight Loss and Medications

Source: The number of people with diabetes has been rapidly growing. WHO reports that the number rose from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. Diabetes has been linked to other chronic illnesses and medical conditions such as kidney failure, blindness, heart attack, lower limb amputation, and stroke. Another highly debated outcome and cause […]

Eye Exams for Alzheimer’s: Early Detection and More

Sent by Roberto from Source: Intro Advancements in technology and more research into the causes and effects of Alzheimer’s disease have led to the realization that doctors can confirm a diagnosis by using refined eye examinations. Recent studies and research strongly link eye health to various conditions, including Alzheimer’s. The eyes are essentially […]


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