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Your one stop for latest health articles. Stay up to date on health news especially during these days of the pandemic. We are a pro-vaccination site and recommend that you get vaccinated for COVID-19. The blog posts are all in line with CDC recommendations with links to the original source of information.

  • How do mRNA Vaccines work
    Messenger RNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine that works different than the other types of vaccines that we are used to getting. Normally, vaccines are made by injecting a ‘deactivated’, harmless portion of the virus itself into the body to allow the body’s immune system to recognize the structure of the virus orContinue reading “How do mRNA Vaccines work”
  • Benefits of Fasting
    Fasting is practiced around the world for two main reasons. The first reason is due to religion where many different faiths practice some form of fasting, including the Christians and the Muslims. The second main reason for fasting is to lose weight or as part of a dieting plan. The question that arises is ifContinue reading “Benefits of Fasting”
  • COVID-19 Mental Health Impact
    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag itself along as we move forward in 2021. Some countries such as India are facing devastating new waves which just shows how important it is to stick with the guidelines even if the numbers are going down. Some of these guidelines include social distancing and wearing masks, limited gatherings,Continue reading “COVID-19 Mental Health Impact”
  • Post COVID Recovery Symptoms
    It has been observed that not everyone fully recovers from COVID infection. Some people continue to experience certain symptoms many weeks and even months after infection. Health issues that persist more than 4 weeks after being first infected with COVID-19 are classified by the CDC as Post-COVID conditions.  This occurs due to the fact thatContinue reading “Post COVID Recovery Symptoms”
  • Why We Should Exercise
    We have all heard that we should exercise by a friend or family member and we all know that it is good for us. Some say it helps you lose weight, others say it helps you stay healthy. Today we will dive into what exactly exercise does to help us live healthier lives. The firstContinue reading “Why We Should Exercise”
  • Phases of Medicare Part D
    Medicare Part D has 4 different phases that each member passes through during each year. Each of these phases have different coverage benefits for the member. It is important to understand these phases to know the financial impact that your health expenses can have on you and also when you should opt for that electiveContinue reading “Phases of Medicare Part D”
  • Types of Covid Vaccines
    All over the world, you must have heard of many different vaccine names currently out there for Covid-19. Out of the many brands, 3 of them are authorized in the United States for the prevention of Covid-19 virus. Pfizer-BioNTech Moderna Johnson & Johnson Another two are in phase 3 clinical trials as of April 5thContinue reading “Types of Covid Vaccines”
  • Do these 4 things during Quarantine!
    Do these 4 things during Quarantine! In todays world, quarantine has become a part of traveling. If you travelled recently abroad or even domestically, it is recommended to quarantine for at least 10 days. The Centers for Disease Control CDC recommends quarantine for 14 days to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This process of quarantineContinue reading “Do these 4 things during Quarantine!”
  • Origin of the Corona Virus
    In 1937, coronaviruses were first described as an infectious bronchitis virus suffered by birds that could devastate poultry stocks. Viruses are now the source of the common cold in 15% to 30% of all cases. In the past 70 years, researchers have discovered camels, goats, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, pigs, rats and turkeys infected withContinue reading “Origin of the Corona Virus”

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