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  • Breast Self-Exam
    Breast cancer can have serious consequences if not detected and treated early. Most adult women should perform self examinations of breasts at least once a month to detect any lumps or changes and also to be familiar with the feel of one’s own breast so they can let the doctor know when they think somethingContinue reading “Breast Self-Exam”
  • Types of COVID-19 tests
    Testing for Covid-19 has become an important part of our lives today. Testing for the virus may be done if you have come into close contact with an individual diagnosed with Covid-19, if you have symptoms associated with Covid-19 or even to satisfy travel requirements for different countries in the world. There are different testsContinue reading “Types of COVID-19 tests”
  • What is Autism?
    Autism encompasses a broad group of developmental disabilities that can cause social, communication and behavioral challenges. Due to the wide range of ways that autism can present itself, it is also referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Those affected by the disorder have different ways in which they learn, interact and carry out theirContinue reading “What is Autism?”
  • What Is A Balanced Diet
    Having a balanced diet is a very important part of staying healthy. We need to understand what it means to have a balanced diet. According to dictionary.com, a balanced diet is defined as ‘a diet consisting of the proper quantities and proportions of foods needed to maintain health or growth.’ This means eating a wideContinue reading “What Is A Balanced Diet”
  • How to Wear a Mask
    Wearing a mask can prevent the spread of COVID-19 among other transmissible diseases, however this would only be possible if the mask is worn properly. We should all learn the proper way to wear a mask so we can effectively keep each other safe. Follow these tips to effectively wear a mask. 1. Before wearingContinue reading “How to Wear a Mask”
  • Delta Variant – All you need to know
    The Delta variant was identified in the ending of 2020 and was a result of a mutation to the original Covid-19 virus. It spread fast and soon became the dominant strain in both India and Britain. At this time the Delta variant is the dominant strain in over 100 countries including the Unites States andContinue reading “Delta Variant – All you need to know”
  • The World’s Most Expensive Medication- Zolgensma
    The prices of medications are continuously rising in the United States and around the world. According to the CMS website, the healthcare spending in the United States for the year 2019 reached $3.8 trillion, which is approximately $11,500 per person per year. With recent advances in technology, a new type of medication was made, Zolgensma,Continue reading “The World’s Most Expensive Medication- Zolgensma”
  • How do mRNA Vaccines work
    Messenger RNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine that works different than the other types of vaccines that we are used to getting. Normally, vaccines are made by injecting a ‘deactivated’, harmless portion of the virus itself into the body to allow the body’s immune system to recognize the structure of the virus orContinue reading “How do mRNA Vaccines work”
  • Benefits of Fasting
    Fasting is practiced around the world for two main reasons. The first reason is due to religion where many different faiths practice some form of fasting, including the Christians and the Muslims. The second main reason for fasting is to lose weight or as part of a dieting plan. The question that arises is ifContinue reading “Benefits of Fasting”

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