The role of Leadership in Healthcare

Leadership is important for the organization of any company, especially in the healthcare field. The quote that speaks out to me the most is by John Quincy Adams in Josephson, (2011) “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader.” I always believe in inspiring others and empowering them to grow and progress. Leaders are at a position which is best suited to help people achieve their maximum potential. 

As mentioned by Roddick (1991), we would need to lead in a way that we expect to be led ourselves. This approach is very important as it gives us an insight into our own performance as leaders. According to Asamani, Naab & Ansah (2016), a leader needs to display multiple styles of leadership depending upon the situation. These quotes highlight examples of successful leadership strategies that need to be taken into consideration for different circumstances. 

In the field of healthcare, leadership skills are extremely important as we are dealing with the health of patients and it is important that both healthcare workers and patients both trust their leadership. It is important that we value the views of employees and lead by example as mentioned by Roddick (1991). The mentioned quotes give us strategies that can be used to lead and help maximize the potential of employees. These employees will then be empowered to perform and connect and improve overall health outcomes. 

Diversity and inclusion are very important in any organization and even more in the field of healthcare. Each individual brings unique experiences to the table and this unique experience becomes even more valuable with a diverse employee population. Along with this, a diverse employee population is better able to reach out to the community and engage and educate them to improve health outcomes. We must follow the approach of a servant leader which would empower individuals to be outspoken and provide valuable feedback and ideas. Employees should be encouraged to share their experiences with others. 


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