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How does mold affect your health?

Mold is a vague term used to refer to different types of fungi. They can be of different colors such as yellow, black, green, white, orange or purple and they pretty much grow everywhere. They prefer to grow on moisture and reproduce by releasing spores into the air. We all are exposed to a small amount of mold each day.

Within a house, mold has many places that are favorable for it to grow such as carpet, appliances, curtains, walls etc. However the most important factor is moisture. Mold needs moisture to grow and reproduce which is why they are most commonly found in areas of high moisture such as bathrooms, kitchen, wet walls and basements.

Mold can cause reactions in people who are sensitive to the spores. It can trigger sneezing, runny noise and itching as well as watery eyes. Severe reactions can also cause shortness of breath.

It is very difficult to completely get rid of mold from a house. The best strategy that is used is to decrease the moisture levels in the house with the help of dehumidifiers and air conditions. Keeping surfaces as dry as possible can prevent further growth of mold.